From January 2006 through December 2017, I (Adam Gonnerman) maintained a few blogs. Originally the blog was named ‘Igneous Quill,’ and at one point there were separate blogs with this name for .com, .net, and .org. These were merged before a brief change to ‘Missional Journeyman,’ and then another change to blogging under my own name (adamgonnerman.com). For most of this period the blog was maintained on Blogger, and in early 2016 I migrated to Tumblr. In late 2017 I made the decision to set up a new website with a blog under ‘Icarus Invictus,’ while keeping a blog about my current profession at AdamGonnerman.com.

All that to say that these are merely the archives. Video embeds and some other content has been lost in all the transitions.

For new blog posts, please visit Icarus Invictus.