Our Evangelical Neighbors

A few years ago, Rev. Marlin Lavanhar of All Souls Unitarian Church had Bruce Hoppe, an evangelical pastor, speak to his church. They sort of tag-teamed it, which was interesting. It was a friendly conversation from the pulpit, and Hoppe for his part expressed regret at the divide between evangelicals and people in the liberal religious tradition. What I see in this is how people can see each other as human beings worthy of respect.

We need to see more of this sort of thing.

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What Am I Seeing In Central Park? 

People are obsessed with this tree on the east side of the Park near 90th Street, and for good reason; it’s easy to find and hard to miss. Enter the Park through Engineer’s Gate and look to the north of the John Purroy Mitchel monument along the Bridle Path and below the Stephanie and Fred Shuman Running Track, and there you will see a purpley, pinky, storm cloud of a tree, aka Smoke Bush.

Smoke Bush can refer to either of two species in the genus Contius, Contius coggygria or the U.S. native C. obovatus 

If you love this tree now, be sure to stop back and visit it in autumn. Contius are famous for incredible fall foliage!

Humanist Bible Study of Ezekiel

It’s not only possible for Humanists to study the Bible, it actually happens. Here’s a great study by Natan Fuchs, at The Birmingham Temple (a Humanist synagogue).

https://player.vimeo.com/video/127083128 Bible Study of Ezekiel, Chapter 1: The Wondrous Beasts. from Library of SHJ on Vimeo.

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