What’s Going On Here?

Every so often I come across a blog that’s a floater. It’s part of the debris of the shrinking blogosphere, the implosion of which seems to have roughly kept pace with the growth of Facebook. As people have found that (and, to a lesser extent, Twitter) to be more convenient ways to keep in touch online, blogs have been abandoned. In other cases bloggers have simply lost interest in writing, or the novelty wore off. Many times these blogs have no new posts for months, then a final one where the blogger apologizes for his/her absences and promises to be back soon. This final post is usually a few months old as well by the time I see it.

Well, this isn’t one of those “final posts,” and Igneous Quill isn’t going “floater.” I have actually remained pretty active on one of my other blogs, IgneousQuill.org, where I blog about social issues, community development, mission and youth ministry. This blog, IgneousQuill.net, is where I blog about technology and programming. Lately, though, I haven’t had the time and, quite frankly, haven’t been learning much.

After being laid off from the start-up where I’d been employed nearly two years I found work as a site producer with a major magazine publisher. This is a great job and a good company, but I’m not learning much about the kind of technology that interests me. At home I simply haven’t been making the time to sit down and study, so there hasn’t been much to talk about here.

This will change. I’m committed to preparing myself and my family to return to Brazil for full-time community development and mission work, specifically utilizing open source solutions and education to help poor and at-risk youth in Brazil to rise above their circumstances and take advantage of their nation’s emerging economic status. I’ll be using my time more wisely in coming days, seeking to learn all I can with the devotion I have to the mission of God, and I’ll share here any tips, tutorials or other information I come up with in this process.

Thanks to anyone who reads this and possibly my other blogs. I hope that what I write is helpful.


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