Catskill Christian Assembly Summer 2010 Youth Retreats

UPDATE #2 07/12/2010It’s as though some members of the CCA board want the camp to die.  One objection some on the board had to holding the retreats was reportedly due to a broken hot water heater.  An offer was made to donate one with free installation.  This was rejected as they said they wanted a different system in the future.  Another objection was concern that registration for the retreats might not cover expenses.  A promise was made by someone to cover any shortfall, but this too was rejected.

At this point I offer the following suggestions:

  • If you have a child who wants to go to camp, why not Camp Manatawny?  It is a very good camp affiliated with the Churches of Christ and is located in eastern Pennsylvania.  My daughter goes to camp there and loves it.  There are still a few camp sessions left this year.  If people contact me with solid interest in sending children I will contact the camp and try to persuade them to drop the late registration fee for “CCA Refugees.”  If they agree, that would make a week at camp only $250.
  • Organize a separate camp board and begin looking for a location to rent next summer, at least for youth retreats.  There are a lot of groups that do it, so it can be done.

UPDATE #1 07/10/2010 This is very confusing and frustrating, but after a flurry of efforts by volunteers, including yours-truly, to get retreats going for this summer, for reasons as-yet unknown the directors of the camp have pulled the plug.  There will be no youth retreats this summer.  If I learn more, I will share it here.

A few month ago I reported here on the financial and organizational troubles that Catskill Christian Assembly was facing.  Unfortunately, summer camp sessions ended up being canceled due to a lack of a qualified camp manager (New York laws set certain requirements for this role). Fortunately, a way was found to hold three retreats instead.  One for Junior High, one for Senior High and one for Young Adults (ages 18 – 30).

Tentative word is that the Junior and Senior High retreats will cost $95 each, while the young adult camp (a full week) will run $250.  If this information changes I will post an update here.  The schedules are as follows:

Junior High Summer Retreat
Grades 6, 7 and 8th
Saturday 7/24/10 @ 10:00AM to Tuesday 7/27/10 @ 9:00AM

Senior High Summer Retreat
Grades 9 – 12th
Wednesday 7/28/10 @ 10:00AM to Saturday 7/31/10 @ 9:00AM

Young Adults Week
Ages 18 – 30 (but all welcome)
Sunday 8/1/10 to Friday 8/6/10

For more information, visit the camp’s website or Facebook page.