Terminator and CDargs: Two Great Command Line Tools

The average Linux user isn’t going to need to use the command line, and in my opinion, shouldn’t feel compelled to use it.  Still, developers and system administrators use it intensively on a daily basis.  Recently two very handy tools for managing the terminal have come to my attention.

First, Terminator.  It allows you to open a terminal window and then split it into multiple views within the same window.  You can be browsing directories in one, using interactive Python in another and running an applications from another…and still split the terminal further.

Ubuntu users should have no problem downloading Terminator either through the command line with sudo apt-get install terminator or through synaptic.  Check out the man page for commands to open, close, resize and more.  H/T to ars technica for bringing this one to my attention.

Second, CDargs is a very useful tool for bookmarking directories.  Rather than have to type the full path to a directory you access frequently, bookmark it.  Once you have CDargs installed, you can go to any directory you wish to bookmark and create a shortcut to it.

Let’s say you want to bookmark the desktop.  With CDargs you would do as follows:

user@user:~$ cd Desktop
user@user:~/Desktop$ ca desk

Then, from the home directory (or any other) type in cdb desk and it will take you back to the Desktop.

Simple, right?  Check out the tutorial on Linux.com where I learned about this to find out how to install and begin using CDargs.

Is there something you like to use in the terminal that makes your life easier?  If so, let me know about it in the comments.


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