Why I’m Going to Wait to Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 9.10 will become available on October 29, just a couple of days from now. Ubuntu is my Linux distro of choice. I use Ubuntu 8.10 on the family computer and 9.04 on my laptop. However, I won’t be upgrading either to Ubuntu 9.10 very soon. Why?

The family computer needs to remain consistent. My wife and kids could adapt to a mildly different look and feel (it isn’t that big a leap from 8.10 to 9.10), but why bother? 8.10 is stable and works great for everything the family needs.

My laptop will eventually get the 9.10 upgrade. I’m not going for it now, though, because it needs time “in the field.” There’s been bug testing on beta editions, but now it’s going to really be put through its paces in regular use by a larger number of users. So far as I’m concerned, let them find the bugs. A month or so later I’ll be glad to upgrade.

One more reason why I’ll hold off on upgrading is that I’ve got my laptop configured just the way I want it. Although an upgrade wouldn’t necessarily lost my data (I’ll back it up anyway, of course), I will lose settings and applications in the process. I’d rather not have to “redo” all that right away.

Now, if a new computer comes my way, or a friend wants to give GNU/Linux a try, I’ll be sure to have a copy of both 9.04 and 9.10 on hand. It’s great having a sturdy, reliable and up-to-date operating system.


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