Desktop Tools for Mac Blackberry Users on the Horizon

Right now there aren’t any really good options for Blackberry users who also use Mac computers. When I worked in data support for AT&T calls would come in frequently from people who needed Blackberry Desktop Manager installed to resolve their issue. In perhaps 1 out of every 100 calls the customer wouldn’t have a PC, but rather a Mac (I don’t remember any Linux users calling). The trouble with this is that there isn’t any software currently available on the market that will allow people to backup and restore data for a Blackberry using a Mac. Neither PocketMac nor Missing Sync offer this essential capability. Well, there’s good news for Mac Blackberry users.

According to CIO (h/t to Blackberry News), RIM plans to release tools sometime before the middle of next year that will allow a full range of essential Blackberry functions on Macintosh computers.

It’s about time.

Check out CIO’s article here.

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Windows vs. Linux in Emerging Markets

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports on a Microsoft-sponsored study out showing that the total cost of ownership (TOC) of Windows vs. Linux is roughly the same. Though there are licensing fees up-front with Windows and none with Linux distributions, it apparenly costs more to pay a Linux-skilled technician in many parts of the world. Over time, they say, the financial benefit of not having to pay to register the operating system is lost in maintenance.

While this makes sense, it sounds like the higher pay offered would be an incentive for techs in developing countries to train on Linux, and eventually their service fees would have to go down as competition increases.

Personally, I just hate to think of Third World nations under Microsoft’s thumb. Then again, from what I saw in Brazil, most of the software is pirated anyway and nobody does anything about it.

Couric Interview with Gov. Palin

Watch the brief clip above from the real interview first, then the one below from Saturday Night Live’s spoof. Spot on, I’d say.

O Mito Da Violência Redentiva: A Séria Quase Completa

Algum tempo atrás escrevi sobre um dos mitos mais prevalentes no mundo, o qual é o mito da violência redentiva. Pode encontrar este mito nos filmes de Hollywood, nas favelas do Rio e nos desenhos animados dos seus filhos. É um mito mesmo, e não a verdade do Deus vivo, Criador dos céus e a terra.

Futuramente pretendo escrever mais sobre este assunto. Não acho a séria em baixo completo, mas em vez de acrescentar algo à séria, vou escrever outras postagens e talvez até outras sérias sobre o mito que nos convença que a força resolve os problemas.

O Mito Da Violência Redentiva: A Cosmologia Babilônica (1)
O Mito Da Violência Redentiva: No Mundo Moderno (2)
O Mito Da Violência Redentiva – A Criação (3)
O Mito Da Violência Redentiva – O Caminho de Jesus (4a)
O Mito Da Violência Redentiva – O Caminho de Jesus (4b)

Viva La Vida: Who is it About?

Since the first time I heard it I’ve loved Coldplay’sViva La Vida.” A friend at my old job started speculating about what it meant and who it was talking about, and at first I wasn’t too curious. For a while I thought it was the old British Empire personified (makes sense, given that the band is from London). As I got to thinking about it, though, that made less and less sense.

I think it’s about the Pope. Not any particular Pope, but the institution itself.

You can listen to the song above, and follow the lyrics here. Although I was convinced that “Roman Catholic choirs” was correct, after listening carefully I’m sure it’s “Roman cavalry choirs.” There never were any such thing, so far as I’ve found, so I suspect this is a reference to the Crusades.

Who do you think the song is talking about? Tell me.