iPhone Girl, iPhone Flaw and iPhone Alternatives

This morning I came across a few tidbits about the iPhone that I thought were interesting enough to share.
First, Etherized tells the story of the “iPhone Girl.” She’s a factory worker in China whose co-worker took three pictures of her on an iPhone and then failed to erase them before boxing up the product. A fellow in Britain found them on his new iPhone when he was activating it and posted them to the MacRumors forum (click here to see them). Some in that forum suggested she had been, would be or should be fired, but that reportedly hasn’t happened. I hope it doesn’t happen since there was no harm done.
Second, the Wired Gadget Lab blog reports a “massive iPhone security flaw.” If your iPhone keypad is locked, a person just has to tap the “emergency calls” option once and then the “home key” twice and voila, he or she is in your “favorites.” From there it’s possible to access the phone, sms and other features. To make sure this was really a problem I tried it out on a friend’s iPhone at work and got into his favorites. For the full explanation and a temporary fix, click here.
Third and finally, InformationWeek compiled a list of what it calls “killer” iPhone alternatives. The article is over a month old but I think it’s a pretty good evaluation of what’s out there right now. Click here for the review.

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