Sprint’s Samsung Instinct

Last October I reported on the Verizon Voyager, a model of cell phone released by Verizon Wireless to compete with the Apple iPhone offered through AT&T. Now Sprint is going to start offering the Samsung Instinct in it’s own effort to match or exceed the competition.

This is why I love not being an early adopter. The iPhone was only the breakthrough technology, the new standard in cell phones that all other manufacturers and carriers would have to beat. Early adopters generally love having the new technology first, but I appreciate getting it when it has been road-tested and attempted in various models and carriers. The price always comes down, too.

The Instinct looks nice, though it will lack the dual-finger functionality of the iPhone. I can’t help but wonder what the data and voice plans will cost.

One way or another, I think I’m going to wait another year or two before going after that kind of sophistication.

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