Forty Days of Prayer in Uberlândia, Brazil

The following came in an e-mail from Marcelo Lima, church planter in Uberlândia, Brazil. It was addressed to the church that supports him and also to me, his forwarding agent.

Hi dear brothers in Christ,

I’m just writing to say THANKS for everything you’ve done for us.

The Pacaembu Church is gonna be gathering for forty days in the church building (from 10:30 p.m to 0:00 a.m) to pray for spiritual growing of church.

Please, be praying for us so that God bless us on this purpose we’ve put before Him and that in everything may He be glorified through our lives.

I’ve always mentioned you in my prayers… and say thanks God for your lifes.
In Christian love,

Marcelo Lima

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.” (Rm 8:28)

A.M. Not Released

A.M. appeared in court today but was not released. Bail was to be set at $5000, but the prosecutor asked for more time to investigate some debts that A.M. has been paying through a separate court case from some time ago. Although he has been making his payments and even received a letter of support from the court official he has been working with on that situation, the prosecutor wants to take a closer look at the records.

We should have an answer in by 4pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday, April 1).

Please keep praying for A.M., his wife C.M. and their son.

A.M. Heading to Court

A.M.’s immigration drama continues tomorrow, with an appearance in court in Maine. Between 8 and 10 am eastern time he will go before a judge who will decide whether to let him bond out or simply deport him. C.M. is very on edge and asked everyone’s prayers at church this morning, so I in turn am asking any readers of this blog to join us in prayer for A.M., his wife C.M. and their American-born son G.M.

If allowed to bond out, A.M.’s lawyer believes it very likely that permanency can be achieved based on the U.S. citizen son who is now over 10 years old and because this boy has had medical issues that are best addressed in the United States. Nothing is guaranteed, though.

The church is very close to raffling off the TV we bought to raise money for A.M.’s legal fees. As no one has contributed through my ChipIn widget, I am taking it off the blog site.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed and will pray for this family. I will keep you all posted.