Try Driving In It

Yesterday was a challenge. We got several inches of snow here in north New Jersey overnight from Thursday to Friday. They never seem to plow roads here until after the morning commute. I left my house in Kearny at 7am and got to work in Paramus at 8:10am. It took that long to drive 25 miles.

Still, I thank God I made it to work before my start time, and that I had a calm day of work. A lot of people didn’t come in, and as the snow continued during the day more and more people opted to use vacation time and leave early. I stayed.

The company bought us pizza for lunch. So, that was nice.

Really, I can’t complain. My mother in Missouri has had far worse weather this winter than I have here in New Jersey.

The picture? It was taken in Paramus, NJ by someone from my company. It looks sunny in the picture, but that was around sunrise and the sun didn’t last. More snow came after that picture was taken.

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