For One More Day – A Meme

A while back Mike over at Simply a Night Owl tagged me for the “For One More Day” meme. The question is who I would want a day with, and what we would discuss. I’ve saved my response for today, the 3-year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. If I could spend one more day with someone, it would be him. We’d go fishing, and I’d ask him about his life.

Since this is my blog and I am doing the writing, I’ll add a twist to this. If the gift of an extra day were transferable somehow, I would give it to my two kids and my niece. I had 18 years in his home with him, plus a several extra weeks and months here and there while in college and before moving to Brazil. I’d rather let the grandkids spend the day with him.

They would spend a full day with Grandpa John at the pond fishing.

The rules are simple.
1. Answer the question, If you could spend one more day with someone who would it be? Why? What would you want to talk to this person about? This can be someone you know or someone from history.

2. Tag as many as you want or as little as you want. Participate even if your are not tagged!!

3. (Optional) Include a link back to the original post if you were tagged with the person who tagged you. Invite others to comment back to the original post.

I tag:


If any of you’ve already been tagged, don’t worry about it.

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