Jumo’s Graduation

Click on the photo above to see the full invitation to Jumo’s graduation. Who’s Jumo? He’s a promising young man who came to Christ through faith, repentance and baptism over two years ago in Uberlândia, Brazil. Marcelo Lima, evangelist of the churches in Pacaembu and Jardim Europa had taught the Gospel to him and guided him through his first steps as a disciple. Recognizing his ability and youth, Marcelo worked it out with Jumo and SerCris (an intensive Bible and ministry program in Campo Grande, Brazil) so that he could study there. He’s now graduating, and Ancient Faith Ministries is working on arranging a monthly stipend for him to join Marcelo in the work of ministry in Uberlândia.

Jumo is the second from the right-hand side, the one in the blue shirt (all the other men appear to be wearing white shirts).

Please pray for him and the ongoing work in Brazil.

Congratulations Jumo!

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