Turning 32

Today, Halloween, I turned 32. I took the day off work from AT&T and from Harvest, and stayed home. In the morning I took the kids to school, then had breakfast at a little Portuguese bakery with my wife before she headed to work. At home I watched Wild Hogs, worked a little on future blog posts, and rested. In the afternoon I picked the kids up from school and in the evening we headed back to their school for a party. The picture below is of me as the Great Pumpkin, my daughter as a pirate and my son as a policeman. Next year I hope to get a better, less scary mask.

Yes, I plan to be the Great Pumpkin again, if the Lord gives me years. If not, at least I’ve done it once.

After the party we returned home for supper, and I was surprised to have a few friends from church come over for the meal. We had a good visit, and for dessert my wife made my favorite: strawberry pie.

A call from my mother-in-law and a couple of my wife’s siblings and an e-mail from my brother-in-law Marcelo topped off the evening. I had already spoken earlier with my mother.

Not a bad day.

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