CMB Update – Sunday, 28 October 2007

Marcelo continues to do remarkable work in Uberlândia. Besides the church in Pacaembu, which is already outgrowing its available space, the work is now expanding into a completely different neighborhood, Jardim Europa. Here is an extended exerpt from Marcelo’s most recent e-mail to the Christian Church in Martelle, Iowa that supports the mission in Uberlândia:

I am sorry for delaying to answer your e-mail. I’ve answered no e-mail in these last two months. I’ve been exhausted… very busy…my family (after my third son’s arrival, my free time ran out!), my job and a church to take care and also you’re gonna begin another church in Uberlândia. Probably, our first Worship Service will be on November 4th.

Considering the hard times we faced, the church is doing well. 10 people were added to the Pacaembu church so far. There are a lot of people who are studying the bible with us, especially in the neighborhood (Jardim Europa) where we intend to begin a new church. There are a lot of people living together without being married in Jardim Europa and they would like to get baptized… O what do you think about baptizing unmarried people who promise to get married as soon as they can? The only thing that hinders them to get married is financial conditions, for most people, I can see, the fee charged by the Notary is expensive.

In Pacaembu we’ve tried to rent a bigger facility. This is no longer adequate for the number of people who have attended our meetings. But it hasn’t hard to find another place… Please, be praying for us about that.

Concerning the finances, the dollar rate is fewer and fewer. The last time that Christianne sent the money, 1dollar = 1, 7 real. When you were here, 1 dollar = 2,15 real. Due to this and the reform of my house that I had to do, now I’ve tried to sell my car so that I can pay my debts.

Jumo is graduating on December 09th and I’m trying to get a support for him because the church in Pacembu can’t afford to pay his salary.

Please, pray for my wife…my children and for me to be a father and a husband that God wishes.”

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