Young Trees

A couple of weeks ago I took the picture below from my car on the way home from my “day job” at AT&T Mobility. It’s a scene of what most people would call “woods” and my father probably would have called “brush.” When I moved to New Jersey a couple of years ago, I was surprised by how many trees there were. Being the most urbanized state in the Union, I didn’t expect anything but houses, lawns, apartment buildings and skyscrapers.

In Missouri, where I’m from, you’ll see a lot of woods but also a lot of open farmland. Here in this part of New Jersey farm land has been replaced by housing developments over the past few decades. Unoccupied land becomes a tree-filled haven for small wild animals (even deer, not-so-small) instead of fields. Though I love to see land in agricultural production, if urban areas are going to have so many trees, I can only see it as a good thing. Let the rural areas plant crops and the urban areas grow trees. That’s just fine with me.

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