Garage Sale Today!

Here are a few photos from our garage sale today. This was our first time having a sale like this. My wife cleans houses here in New Jersey and many of the people she cleans for give her things or throw out toys and clothes that she then gathers and brings home. She’s been stockpiling items for almost two years now. I’m glad to see the stuff go!Here’s Cris with some of the signs she made last night and put up around the neighborhood. Most of the stuff in the picture above and those following sold. Only a fourth of the space in the basement that was occupied before has anything in it now. The wooden sewing desk we got in New Mexico sold for $12. That’s pretty good, considering it was given to us and since we replaced it with a lighter, smaller computer desk. We had discussed just putting it out on the curb with a sign saying “FREE.”

Our daughter got into the act, selling lemonade. Sales were good. She made $10 from that and another $10 from some of her toys that sold.

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