Eastern Christian Convention

Today I took the first step towards attending the Eastern Christian Convention this year. I requested time off work for November 15 and 16 (the other two days fall on a weekend).

This convention is important for a couple of reasons. One is that it will be the first significant gathering of people from independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ that I will be attending after years of mission work and self-imposed exclusion. Another is that it will be the first time I’ll be operating an exhibit about the Brazilian mission work. It’s essential that we obtain support over the next year for Brazilian Evangelism Ministry (BEM) so we can reach out to the Brazilian diáspora in the U.S. and elsewhere, and also prepare for renewed mission service in Brazil.

My wife has the creative and artistic talent, so I’ll be counting on her for the overall display. I’ll also need to order a lot more business cards (the first batch is on its way already) and I should think about a video presentation to keep running as well as some quality literature.

November seems like a distant time, but then its June now and I feel like it should only be February! We’ve got to get the ball rolling.

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