BEM Update – Sunday, 24 June 2007

Today I taught the third lesson in the series “Great Themes of the Bible” for the Brazilian church’s Sunday School. So far, the lessons have been:

1) General Revelation (Creation)
2) Special Revelation (Prophets)
3) Special Revelation (Christ)

Next week the lesson will be entitled simply “Sin,” and will explore the origin and nature of sin, as well as how to deal with temptation. Having only 30 to 45 minutes for each class really limits how much I can do, but the feedback so far has been quite positive. A few of the upcoming lessons I have to prepare will be especially challenging to me, especially with the limited free time I have to study (due to work). Of special concern are the classes regarding Abraham, and the one in a few weeks I will teach entitled “The Life and Vocation of Jesus.” Both of these topics are going to require a lot of thought, prayer and careful preparation.

A letter is in the works to send out to current, past and prospective supporting churches. The purpose of this letter will be to update them on what we are doing and set goals for the future. We would like to eventually raise enough support to allow both Christiane and I to spend most of our time working with the Brazilian community here in the northeast, and also study for future ministry in Brazil. This week I’ll be posting more on this latter point, Lord willing.

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