Graduation and Moderation

My little girl’s school had a program for the end of the school year this past weekend. It was graduation for the kindergarten and 8th grade. I suppose the high school graduation was separate. She attends a private Christian school, and we were excited to learn that they’ve purchased a very nice facility for the church and school. The campus to which they’ll be moving over the summer used to be a Catholic church and school. It is a much larger location, and will be a big improvement. They talked about how in the first few weeks of this school, years and years ago, they didn’t have functioning bathrooms. They actually took the students periodically up the street to their church offices to use the bathroom until the renovation was complete. They’ve come a long way.


I don’t know if anyone else was hit, but when I logged into my blog this afternoon there were 6 comments awaiting approval. I rejected all of them, since they were all spam from someone labeled “anonymous” for some sort of blog widget. I am glad I moderate comments on my blog.

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