Falling Dollar and the Brazil Mission

U.S. citizens rarely think about exchange rates, unless they work in international finance and investment…or if they are missionaries overseas.

During my brief 3 year stint as a missionary in Brazil I saw the dollar gain value dramatically over the Brazilian Real, then lose it. Since part of my support came in dollars from American churches (the other part coming from employment in Brazil teaching English as a foreign language), it was fun while the dollar was ever stronger. This meant that my mission support had greater buying power. When the dollar started to drop, though, things got really tight. This was one aspect of the economic reason for our move to the U.S. (there were other considerations as well).

Now my brother-in-law, Marcelo, receives a missionary stipend from one of the churches that supported my work in Brazil. In fact, this year they doubled it! We are thankful for this church’s committment to the mission in Brazil, and are hoping that this church will eventually provide 100% of Marcelo and Selma’s salary (he currently works as a high school teacher to complete his income). Just as things are getting brighter for the work, we are facing once again the threat of the falling dollar.

The work will continue, Lord willing. There’s nothing we can do about international exchange rates, and we are very glad for the help Martelle Christian Church provides to keep Marcelo and Selma on the field with that young mission church. At this point, it is more a matter of prayer that God gives Marcelo wisdom with what he has, and guidance for me to know whether to pursue additional support from other churches or just try to ride it out.

Live rates at 2007.05.16 23:37:07 UTC

1.00 USD


1.94800 BRL

United States Dollars Brazil Reais
1 USD = 1.94800 BRL 1 BRL = 0.513347 USD

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