Pulpit Supply in New Jersey

Although most of my time will continue to be spent with the Brazilian Church of Christ in Newark, I’ve decided to send my résúmé and a letter to independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ (instrumental) throughout New Jersey. No, I’m not looking for a full-time paid position (shudder). I’d like to get into some pulpit supply. When I was living in Moberly, Missouri I supply preached from time to time. The Bible College would call me to tell me about a church somewhere needing a preacher that weekend, give me directions and send me on my way.

The rural churches around Bible colleges tend to be preaching laboratories for student preachers, and I can only admire their patience. The young, inexperienced preacher feels like he’s ministering to the congregation, when in fact the congregation is doing most of the ministry…directed toward the young man behind the pulpit.

For some time I’ve felt very disconnected from the independent churches. Most of my time has been spent, with the exception of that unpleasant ministry in New Mexico, with brethren from the a cappella Church of Christ. Though I love and respect these good brothers and sisters, and we share a common heritage in the Stone-Campbell movement, my heart is always with the independent Christian Churches. This fellowship won my love and respect while I was supply preaching and then when many of those same churches helped me go to Brazil.

So, here’s to hoping some churches need a preacher to fill in.

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