Job Dissatisfaction

Today I’m not going in to work. I can’t stand it, so I’m not going. I’m going to use a “trump day” to avoid a point against me on my record, and I’m staying home. During the morning hours I plan to read and look for a job, and in the afternoon I need to take my son to the doctor for a fever he’s had for two nights now.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate My Job:

10) Poor dental benefits. I admit it’s hard to get good dental coverage, but as bad a my company’s is, they may as well not offer it (and give us a pay raise instead).

9) Most of the customers are good, but when they’re morons, they really suck. The worst are the small businesses with one or two lines. They think because they’re a “business” their itsy bitsy $150 a month account means something to us. They scream and swear when they don’t get their way. They take names and ask to speak to managers. One bad customer with nothing between his or her ears can ruin your entire day.

8) I sit all day. Two fifteen minute breaks and a forty-five minute lunch don’t allow for much physical activity.

7) I can’t step out for a few minutes to make a personal call or pick something up at the store. My stats would be effected, and that could get me “coaching.”

6) I have to worry about Reliability, Quality, Availability, Handling Time and the notation stats. It’s like having to keep five plates spinning on one of those variety shows. If even one breaks, though, you’ll hear about it from your team manager!

5) In order to take a single call, the bare mimimum number of systems I have to run are six. If I have to do any troubleshooting or take orders, the number can go up to ten. In the course of a day I can end up running fifteen systems or more. Each has its own login and various platforms are used.

4) There’s no possibility for promotion. Almost all job openings are “lateral,” and therefore receive the same pay. The few jobs outside this confined area are nearly impossible to get.

3) The office rarely closes. They actually had us working the day after Thanksgiving! I took eleven calls during the eight hours I was on the job that day. The weather has been bad and accidents due to snow have been likely, but they neither closes the offices nor gave special permission for workers to not come in. If you don’t show up, it’s a mark against you.

2) The pay is way too low. There are companies in this region that hire for the same type of work with $3 more per hour than what I’m earning now after nearly a year of employment. Yes, I’m trying to get one of those jobs.

1) I’m not learning any new skills that will transfer to a new job, unless it is also in customer service. I’m certainly not developing anything worthwhile for finding good employment in Brazil so I can be a bi-vocational missionary. I’m not working towards any goals for the reign of God in my life and ministry!

Tell me why you love or hate your job!

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