Bible Study Tools Online

Blind Beggar has posted about an online Bible study tool that he recommends, so I thought I’d mention a couple I use as well.

First, Oremus Bible Browser is what I use for Bible verses from the New Revised Standard Version. This is my “base” or primary version, and the one I use most often in English-language lessons, sermons and Bible studies.

Second, the tool I’m really excited about is E-Sword. Rather than stay online to do your studying, you can download E-Sword. It comes with the Authorized Version/KJV in the first basic download, but then you can download an assortment of versions from numerous languages besides English. There are also modules for Bible dictionaries and commentaries, and historic works like Calvin’s Institutes and the Early Church Fathers are available. Best of all, it’s most of it is free! Only a handful of translations have a price tag attached, and I’ve never downloaded any of them or felt the need to do so. You can get a very nice Bible study software package on your computer and not have to pay a single centavo.

What Bible study tools do you use that are available online?

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