How About Planting a Church?

There is a lot of chatter about “missional” and “emerging” church online, but there has to come a point when the conversation becomes conversation plus action. There are a lot of people and congregations out there pursuing incarnational ministry and building communities of disciples for God’s reign. I’m arriving at the point where I must ask myself what I can do with what I’ve learned to advance God’s mission.

There is already a site online for the work I’d like to begin in New Jersey, though the name will likely be changing soon. I’m thinking of something along the lines of “Christ’s Assembly in New Jersey” or “Disciples Fellowship in New Jersey.” “Church” isn’t a dirty word, but there may be too many negative connotations or verbal baggage with that word.

To begin, people are needed. People who are willing to hear the call to discipleship in the Good News of the reign of God and the name of Jesus. Baptisms flowing from faith should follow as the message gets out that in Christ the return from exile has begun and the New Heavens and New Earth are our destination.

Experience tells me that thinks won’t just happen. Paul was blessed by God in his missionary endeavors, but he actually went out and risked his neck to be a herald of God’s kingdom. In the beginning it may be only me, but as all disciples are empowered to do the work of Christ according to their ability and God’s working, eventually there will be those to help.

There is Good News to be told. Not a strictly “Social Gospel,” nor a gospel of hellfire insurance, but a Gospel of the Lordship of Jesus and the victory of God in Christ’s cross. It is the Good News that God can take the least, last and lost and make them into transformed new humans in the image of His Son.

This is Good News, and it needs to be told.

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