2007 International Soul Winning Workshop

2007 International Soul Winning Workshop is just around the corner!

International Soul Winning Workshop 2007
March 22-24, 2007

“Jesus: The Model and the Mission” –>Register now for the 2007 Workshop.

Workshop thrill is in the air! The excitement for International Soul Winning has spread wide and is now focusing on March 22nd through 24th 2007. An exciting early indicator is in the early booth space reservation by exhibitors and dealers in The Pavilion. We have already seen a substantial increase in reservations and prepayments for 2007. To be sure ISWW attendees will enjoy an Awesome Experience in 2007!


Four Specialty Forums to Encourage Ministries
No speech. No lecture. A special time to meet and listen to each other.

Sharing Ideas In Benevolence Ministries

Preacher’s Only…..Sermon Preparation

Ministers’ Wives Live In Glass Parsonages

Bringing All Missionaries Together

Get ready! It’s time to be setting your sights for T-Town! We are setting our sights on you!
There will be no let down on our part. You work hard to get here. We are working as hard to see you are elated once you’ve arrived. We are more excited over this venue than ever. Here are some of the things we are planning:

Jesus: The Model and the Mission

Messages designed to continue the motivation of intentionally drawing lost and lonely souls to the freedom found in Jesus and he surely is the Model and the Mission.

Thursday Night – Bruce Marchiano – Jesus The Model.
Bruce plays the role of Jesus from Matthew in the Visual Bible. He was simply an actor in Los Angeles looking for work. Guest appearances on the likes of Colombo and several others opened the door for him to audition. When he landed the job, his role was to memorize everything Jesus said in the book of Matthew. The power of the Word changed his life. You’ll be fascinated and inspired as he shares his story.

Friday Night – Jerry Taylor and Randy Harris – Jesus the Message.
Both are inspiring. They bring depth and power to crowds throughout the nation. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll leave renewed.

Saturday Night – Jeff Walling and Terry Rush – Jesus the Mission.
I know. I have to be insane to tandem with Jeff Walling, but I figure I will make him look so good! Jeff and I hope to cheer you on as you extend your faith in Jesus to others. Jeff will be staying over to preach at Memorial Sunday morning.

New Stuff:
KidZone – We will offer classes for children 8-10. Watch for them!
TeenZone – Three universities will each sponsor one of the mornings and gear it for teens only. Plus, TeenSurge will still be offered Friday and Saturday.
Worship – We are still grinding out the workability to have multiple groups simultaneously lead our evening worship. We will rock!
Booths – Will remain open until 7:30 each evening.
Set March 22-24, 2007 in concrete.

Pray for our efforts. Bless us with your presence!Terry Rush

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