Fwd: Help ZOE-Wineskins be missional in 2007

Leaving church as usual and living a missional life

December 29, 2006


We want to thank those who have contributed in response to our regular year-end appeal to join ZOE-Wineskins in producing worship music, conferences, and magazine content that transforms us into the image of Christ.

2007: A call to missional living
Looking into 2007, ZOE-Wineskins board, worship team, and staff are calling us all to be missional in everything we do.

This call to be missional leads us to plan conferences in Nashville, Fresno, Orlando, and Lubbock around what it means to live as missionaries in our own culture and beyond. In addition, we’ll also move further into our new Spiritual direction program, Growing Deeper. With twenty-seven participants and four spiritual directors, the first year has been tremendously meaningful, and each participant has been moved closer into the image of Christ.

The call to become missional also leads us to more aggressively seek content for our magazine that leads to concrete actions in areas of social justice, politics, knowing and loving people who are poor, caring for our neighborhoods and all creation, foreign policy and our missionary involvement in other countries, and a 1001 other angles on missional life that we’re excited about laying out for you in New Wineskins Magazine in 2007.

ZOE and Wineskins combined for more enriching experience closer cd We’ve combined our ZOE Group and Wineskins web sites for a fuller and more enriching web experience. In 2007 we’re happy to announce a new ZOE-Wineskins “Life of Worship” podcast. We’ll bring you interviews and sermons by great authors and speakers and those living out the vision of being missionaries right where they are. Come and register for our conferences, stay and hear a podcast with sage Calvin Miller or read an interview with Sally Morgenthaler.

We also want you to know that we plan in 2007 to continue providing new singable and God-honoring music for churches in the United States and beyond. We want worship music to help us enact the gospel, calling us to do what we proclaim.

Share this missional journey art to give for appeal If you have been moved by the Look to the Hills conferences, Spiritual Deepening program, worshipped with ZOE music, read Wineskins content, and you believe and agree with this next step in our journey, to become missional in everything we do, please join us by doing several things that will help spread this vision worldwide.

1. Forward this message to others you know who will be inspired and need this message.
2. Chose one of our conferences or spiritual direction programs for 2007
3. Join the ministry with a donation that helps us continue operating
4. Read Wineskins articles, forward them to friends
5. Join us in our desire to see everyone everywhere become missionaries where they are in the world (even “missionaries”)

Help support ZOE-Wineskins in the move to missional living in 2007

Your donation will help us continue to move and grow the ZOE and Wineskins ministries as we make “A Life of Worship” our way forward into the next decade.

May God bless you in the New Year

Eric Noah-Wilson Executive Director, The ZOE Group

email: xxxxxxxxxx@zoegroup.org
phone: 888-216-9944
web: http://www.zoegroup.org

The ZOE Group 3710 Franklin Road Nashville TN 37204

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