Book Review: Rapture Exposed

The Rapture Exposed, by Barbara R. Rossing was written during a sabbatical funded by a grant from the Louisville Institute. Her objective was to write a reasoned response to the “Left Behind” series of books. when I bought this book I wasn’t as interested in a response to modern dispensational premillenialism as I was in becoming familiar with a more mainline approach to the Book of Revelation.

Honestly, I felt like the writer worked too hard on responding to “Left Behind,” and not enough on formulating a systematic but readable alternative. The result was an odd mix of amillenialism, liberation theology and modern biblical scholarship.

Although the emphasis on “Lamb power” was distracting at times and I felt she avoided the very real wrath of God portrayed in apocalyptic books, her conclusions were generally well thought out. The last two chapters and the Epilogue made the book worthwhile. Still, I’m going to have to look further to find good resources for studying Revelation and other apocalyptic books.

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