Gringo Culture in Brazil

I’ve just read an article about “gringos” in Brazil. A good point can be made that Brazilians, Hispanics, Chinese and others are far better about taking their culture with them and reproduce it than Americans, Brits and Canadians are. When I lived in Brazil, it was rare and difficult for me to meet up with Americans to chat (except briefly at the English school), let alone form a center of our culture.

I live near Newark, New Jersey. A section of the town called “Ironbound” is heavily populated by Brazilians, Portuguese and Hispanics. It feels like walking into an urban South American neighborhood to visit there. It might have been nice to have had a piece of North America when I lived in Uberlandia, Brazil.

Now I find out that there’s actually a site that helps connect expatriates in Brazil. At least it’s something.


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