Immigrant Round-Up and Government Oppression

Two events in today’s news caught my attention. One was the sudden outcry of protest from a Chinese woman in the press stand at the White House. The U.S. president had already spoken, and the Chinese president had just started to speak, when this woman hopped up and started screaming that the Chinese official’s days were numbered, and begged President Bush to oppose oppression.

They said on the radio that the woman might be charged with the federal crime of harassing a foreign dignitary. Oppression is alive and well in the U.S. While I don’t appreciate people who mess up speeches and cause a public disturbance, dragging away and charging a member of a persecuted group (in this case, Falun Gong) and charging her with a made-up crime that protects only the powerful from insult is too much for my taste.

The other headline was the gathering for deportation of thousands of undocumented workers. They were rounded up from a single major company, and the outfit faces serious fines and penalties.

Rather than let people be free traders.

Rather than cry out against the crushing of the human spirit.


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